Fluid Editorial and Design

Fluid Editorial and Design was founded in 1999 by Marc Horowitz, our Creative Director. Since then, we’ve helped more than 100 organizations of all sizes communicate with clarity and power.

FE&D delivers verifiable results. As your project comes to life, we help you measure and validate the performance metrics you need to ensure the success of our collaboration.

Before a word is written or a graphic designed, we work to understand your market space—and your messaging. The content we create highlights your organization’s identity and core business values, but it always speaks to your customers first. Experience has taught us that all too often, customer-centric messaging gets lost in the bright lights of marketing hyperbole.

As our name implies, FE&D produces content that flows invitingly—textually and graphically sophisticated, but always concise. And always in service of your message.

FE&D offers a flexible, easy-to-understand fee structure. Choose hourly or project-based billing, or ask about short or long-term consulting options.